Dairy-Free Clam Chowder


This past Christmas Eve my son asked me to make him clam chowder. We celebrate the Feast of the Seven Fishes and let’s just say that my kids “don’t participate fully.” That’s a nice way of saying they won’t eat things like: snail salad,baccalà  salad, fried calamari, fried smelts, scallops wrapped in bacon, baked stuffed shrimp, & shrimp cocktail. I can maybe get a bite of a shrimp cocktail and a scallop (ok really the bacon), but that’s about it. I am hopeful that over the years their … [Read more...]

Paleo treats: Review of WB Kitchen cookies & bars.

Chris & Anna

Here at FMFP, Dani & I don’t hide the fact that we like to cook. Give us an afternoon of free time and you’ll find us both in the kitchen trying out a new recipe or bulk cooking for the week ahead. The recipes on our blog are recipes we use to feed our families. Our goal is to not only give you easy & delicious recipes but we want to inspire you to cook for your family. Cooking in bulk and freezing leftovers is kinda what we do…it’s our thing. But we know that not everyone has the time … [Read more...]

An Interview & Review of “Real Life Paleo” by Paleo Parents: Part 2 of a 3 Part Series

FitMomsFullPlates Paleo Parents Interview Part 2

Afterwards, as promised Matt and Stacy sat down with me for about 15-minutes to answer some questions that I had for them. I was certainly nervous at first but they quickly made me feel at ease and after my first question was out there in the ether, felt like I was just talking to friends. It was a really amazing experience. The first question I asked was related to nutrient density. Nutrient density is one of the most basic of principles that the Paleo lifestyle is focused on. … [Read more...]

An Interview & Review of “Real Life Paleo” by Paleo Parents: Part 1 of a 3 Part Series


My transition into a Paleo(esque) lifestyle did not happen overnight. It was a slow, gradual process and if I’m honest and accurate, one that is still happening. It wasn’t something that I sought out, or was even open to at first. After the birth of Mr. Man in December 2011 I knew that I wanted to continue to change my eating habits and overall health. We were eating more organic produce, added more whole grains, included more legumes and vegetarian meals to our diet, and cut out a large amount … [Read more...]

EYWIP week 6 check in: Don’t worry about calcium.

sources of calcium

Week 6 starts total elimination of dairy from your diet. Dairy is a grey area of paleo and for good reason. Some people tolerate it well, others don't, and some are in the middle: meaning they think they tolerate it well until the stop eating it for a while and then try to eat it again. I fall into the last group. I was eating homemade yogurt & string cheese pretty regularly before I started my first paleo challenge. Once I tried to add it back in after the 63 days was up I got very bloated … [Read more...]

My Supplements for Health & Recovery

source: http://www.integrativenutritionaltherapies.com/diy-magnesium-oil-spray/

After I tore my ACL in October of 2014 & had it repaired in December 2014,  I set off to research the best supplements I could add to my diet to promote healing. In addition to eating a clean paleo diet, I wanted to give my body the ability to do its job of healing my injury. I also cut way back on drinking alcohol (read here how alcohol is a toxin) & made getting enough sleep (read here about sleep) a priority. If you’ve been following this blog for any length of time or happen to … [Read more...]

EYWIP Week 4 check in with non-dairy recipes.


How is everyone doing this week? I am in the middle of our first winter blizzard. Juno hit us today pretty hard. We must have almost 3 feet of snow! Not only were all the schools closed, but there was actually a driving ban! This was great because it meant that Brent wouldn't be able to work too. We enjoyed a family day together. Looks like we don't have school tomorrow too! Now what should I make? I just made the kids monkey bread from Real Life Paleo (affiliate link). It was amazing and I was … [Read more...]

EYWIP Week 3: Grain-free dinner ideas!

complete meal img

Here we are already in week 3. So far we've eliminated grains from breakfast & lunch so naturally the only thing left to do is eliminate them from dinner. I remember when I did my first nutrition challenge: I took my old standby recipes and just made them paleo friendly. I had to eliminate all grains, dairy, legumes, alcohol, and added sugar at once. There was no way I could handle that plus figuring out new recipes to make. Instead of making things harder on myself, it was much easier to … [Read more...]

EYWIP Week 2 Check in: grain-free lunch ideas!

How's everyone doing? Was eating a grain-free breakfast as bad as you thought it would be? Here we are already in week 2. If you are reading this and have no idea what  EYWIP means you can read about the program here. If you missed week 1 and want to join us now it's not too late. This week we are all focusing on eating a grain-free breakfast AND lunch. Lunch usually isn't too hard to do. Eating a salad or having some soup is pretty traditional. What are your favorite go-to lunches? As I've … [Read more...]

EYWIP Week 1 check in with lots of grain-free breakfast ideas!


How's everyone doing so far this week? I am officially on day 3 of a "21 day sugar detox". I have it in quotes because I am following the level 3 program about 98%. I still have dairy in my coffee and I made a mistake and had some cashews for a snack (OMG call the paleo police!) I've been eating this way for long enough to know that the 2 tablespoons of heavy whipping cream I put in my coffee doesn't bother me. And considering I really wanted some dark chocolate, the fact that I had cashews … [Read more...]