EYWIP Week 4 check in with non-dairy recipes.


How is everyone doing this week? I am in the middle of our first winter blizzard. Juno hit us today pretty hard. We must have almost 3 feet of snow! Not only were all the schools closed, but there was actually a driving ban! This was great because it meant that Brent wouldn't be able to work too. We enjoyed a family day together. Looks like we don't have school tomorrow too! Now what should I make? I just made the kids monkey bread from Real Life Paleo (affiliate link). It was amazing and I was … [Read more...]

EYWIP Week 3: Grain-free dinner ideas!

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Here we are already in week 3. So far we've eliminated grains from breakfast & lunch so naturally the only thing left to do is eliminate them from dinner. I remember when I did my first nutrition challenge: I took my old standby recipes and just made them paleo friendly. I had to eliminate all grains, dairy, legumes, alcohol, and added sugar at once. There was no way I could handle that plus figuring out new recipes to make. Instead of making things harder on myself, it was much easier to … [Read more...]

EYWIP Week 2 Check in: grain-free lunch ideas!

How's everyone doing? Was eating a grain-free breakfast as bad as you thought it would be? Here we are already in week 2. If you are reading this and have no idea what  EYWIP means you can read about the program here. If you missed week 1 and want to join us now it's not too late. This week we are all focusing on eating a grain-free breakfast AND lunch. Lunch usually isn't too hard to do. Eating a salad or having some soup is pretty traditional. What are your favorite go-to lunches? As I've … [Read more...]

EYWIP Week 1 check in with lots of grain-free breakfast ideas!


How's everyone doing so far this week? I am officially on day 3 of a "21 day sugar detox". I have it in quotes because I am following the level 3 program about 98%. I still have dairy in my coffee and I made a mistake and had some cashews for a snack (OMG call the paleo police!) I've been eating this way for long enough to know that the 2 tablespoons of heavy whipping cream I put in my coffee doesn't bother me. And considering I really wanted some dark chocolate, the fact that I had cashews … [Read more...]

Hello 2015!! Are You Ready to Start Fresh?


See ya later 2014, Hello 2015!  What are your resolutions?  Instead of a resolution, which we inevitably seem to hardly ever follow through on, consider a lifestyle change that is not only sustainable, but beneficial to your health and wellness.  Starting on Monday, January 5th, The Fit Moms will be kicking off the Eat Your Way Into Paleo plan again.  Interested in learning more?  Check out Pam's initial post here, or review our infographic Pin It; Share it! … [Read more...]

Skip the Canned Cranberry Sauce and Make Your Own: Cranberry Orange Compote


Growing up as a kid in New England, cranberry sauce was pretty much a staple at every holiday meal thanks to the growth of cranberries in Eastern Massachusetts. Drive along some of the highways in the late summer and fall and you will undoubtedly spy beautiful, red cranberry bogs. However, I was one kid who didn’t like cranberry sauce. There was something gross about a jelly-like substance that jiggled out of a can and stayed in the same shape as the vessel in which it was confined. To this day, … [Read more...]

Ease Your Way into Paleo-15 week plan for New Year’s!

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I started my paleo journey in September of 2011. I jumped into a 63 day challenge at my CrossFit box. That means that one day I was eating my usual foods and the next day I wasn't. In one day I stopped eating all grains, dairy, legumes, sugar, & alcohol. Yup, I jumped into this challenge cold turkey and never looked back. But just because a challenge-type introduction to paleo worked for me doesn't mean that it will work for everyone. There is no shortage of challenges out there: from … [Read more...]

Chocolate Hazelnut Butter


I’ve been spending my free time (and money) on physical therapy these days. I tore my ACL on October 5th in my 3rd adult league soccer game…yup, the 3rd game. Managed to play soccer for 10+ years as a kid and maybe rolled my ankle once. Ya’ gotta love turning 40. I look back at what I did and shake my head. I literally went 20 years without playing soccer and proceeded to start playing in an adult league with no practice. I had been asked to play soccer for a few years and always said no. I was … [Read more...]

Sweats and Treats: Pumpkin Pie Ice Cream


I think it’s likely obvious by now that ice cream is my weakness in terms of sweets and treats. Every now and then I will go through a crazy ice cream phase and want it pretty much every day. The addiction might start with a small pint of gelato that we can get here in North Carolina that seems to have fairly decent quality ingredients—most of the flavors only have 5-9 ingredients and are all things that I can pronounce and actually only once I have seen the often discussed carrageenan, a food … [Read more...]

Dani’s 2014 TCS NYCM Race Recap and Review


Ever since I began running marathons, I’ve had the desire to run the Marathon Majors--at the very least the US Marathon Majors (Boston, Chicago, and New York). I knew Boston would take some work to qualify for and Chicago I knew I’d get to at some point in time. But New York—New York I had a plan in place. Register for the lottery and if I didn’t get selected for 3-consecutive years I’d get the automatic entry. Thankfully I happened to put my name into the lottery for the first time the same … [Read more...]